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Human Exploitation and Trafficking (H.E.A.T.) Watch is a 5-point strategy to combat modern-day slavery. This online toolkit was created to support your efforts against human trafficking, and help you develop and expand your own comprehensive plan to build community action, empower survivors, and hold their traffickers accountable.

Fighting Human Trafficking in America

The commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is human trafficking and child sexual abuse. It is a serious psychologically destructive crime that places its victims at great risk for situations such as murder, serious bodily injury, and intense lifelong medical conditions. Victims of human trafficking face tremendous survival and recovery challenges. Human trafficking is a profitable criminal enterprise and industry. Unlike selling drugs, buying and selling human beings, especially women and children, is a crime that can repeat itself multiple times.

No one system, agency, or individual is capable of stopping child sex trafficking alone. In order to successfully combat this national epidemic, agencies as well as individuals must create strategic partnerships to respond to the issue on all levels. The programs and protocols created by Human Exploitation and Trafficking (H.E.A.T.) Watch are not exclusive to Alameda County, or even the state of California. An effective response to human trafficking can be created by leveraging existing resources and collaborating with dedicated partners.

Online Toolkit to Combat the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

This online toolkit to combat CSEC was designed to empower your community with tools and strategies that make an impact. Each section highlights one major stakeholder group as they align with one of the five points of H.E.A.T. Watch. You can also receive an overview of each 5-point strategy, in our Executive Summary.

Use the resources as you like, so long as you credit H.E.A.T. Watch. For questions or requests for assistance and training, you can email us at info@heatwatch.org.

Local Data on Human Trafficking

Take a look at local data on children at risk or involved in commercial sexual exploitation, as well as our success in the courtroom. Go to our community tools page, and find our infographics under "H.E.A.T. Watch Data on Human Trafficking".

NOTE: To access the password protected law enforcement & prosecution sections, we will need to verify that you are, in fact, with a law enforcement agency or prosecution unit. Email info@heatwatch.org for clearance.

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