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H.E.A.T. Watch Community Engagement Response

H.E.A.T. Watch raises awareness through the following programs and efforts. Make sure to stay up to date with news and events, by signing up for our mailing list.

Bay Area H.E.A.T. Coalition (BAHC). BAHC is a quarterly training and networking opportunity for law enforcement, service providers, government agencies, community members, and elected officials. During each BAHC training, H.E.A.T. Watch brings together experts in the field to highlight a particular aspect of modern day slavery, such as the current state of human trafficking policy & law, how various disciplines come into contact and respond to the commercial sexual exploitation of children, and how to better serve exploited youth who have development or cognitive disabilities. The goal is to bring partners together, inform them of particular aspects trafficking, and update them on local data on the population. Join our mailing list, so you can learn when our next BAHC training will be.

Social Media. The Alameda County DA’s Office created a specific H.E.A.T. Watch website with information and resources on human trafficking. Housed within the site is the online Toolkit for partners interested in creating their own H.E.A.T. Watch program. In addition to the website, H.E.A.T. Watch can be found on Facebook and Twitter where we share news stories, statistics, infographics, videos, and upcoming events. We also utilize social media tools like Prezi, SlideShare, Instagram, and Vine. For more information go to our website.

Trainings & Outreach Events. H.E.A.T. Watch has provided hundreds of trainings and outreach events, locally, statewide, and nationally. We train law enforcement, service providers, probation, social services, schools, hospitals, prosecutors, community members, labor unions, and elected officials, to name a few. We also provide webinars, attend local neighborhood watch meetings, and major outreach events like National Night Out. To request training by H.E.A.T. Watch, email us at info@heatwatch.org.

Youth Action Network (YAN). YAN provides human trafficking prevention education to Alameda County middle and high school students, staff, teachers, and parents. In addition to trainings, we work with local parents and service providers to create strategic awareness campaigns, which include billboards, social media outreach, mailings and more. H.E.A.T. Watch also empowers students to become H.E.A.T. Watch Youth Ambassadors by creating clubs on school campuses, organizing events and fundraisers for victim-supported programs, and law enforcement trainings. Human trafficking of youth is not foreign to kids today. They have a keen awareness and many have taken charge to do something about it. Giving youth a vehicle for developing their own strategies to combat trafficking of their peers and youth in their communities is productive and action-oriented. Just as Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) has become a nationally recognized, youth-driven initiative to stop teen driving under the influence that has led to too many deaths and serious injuries, YAN has the potential to be as effective and as engaging as SADD.To partner up with the Youth Action Network, or to become a H.E.A.T. Watch Youth Ambassador, email us at info@heatwatch.org.

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